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Dealing with loneliness


 You might feel lonely after:

  • A break up
  • A fight with friends or family members
  • Moving house
  • Moving classes or even schools
  • Conflict and stress at home
  • Separation or divorce of your parents

You may feel lonely because you…

  • Find it hard to trust others
  • Fear of being rejected
  • Fear of being alone forever
  • Feeling bad about yourself
  • Blaming yourself for stuff that’s happened
  • Expecting too much from others
  • Mental health stuff like depression or anxiety

 You may react to loneliness by….

  • Being withdrawn and quiet
  • Crying
  • Sleeping too much
  • Eating too much
  • Getting drunk or taking drugs
  • Sitting around doing nothing

What might help…

  • Distracting yourself
  • Going for a walk or exercising
  • Getting out of the house
  • Being with family
  • Watching funny Youtube clips and movies
  • Enjoying on your hobbies and interests
  • Building your self-confidence – click here  for tips

  • Talking to a counsellor about how you feel – click here for different support options
  • Work on making new friends