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Staying safe

Look after yourself

There are lots of things you need to think about if you're planning to take drugs.

You need to know about the risks and ways to keep yourself and your friends safe. The safest option is not to take drugs at all, especially if you are on medication, pregnant, breast feeding or suffering from a medical condition. If you are planning on taking drugs, check this out and be prepared.

If you choose to take drugs, be prepared and make sure you are aware of the risks. Here are some tips that might help you:

  • Avoid buying or accepting drugs from people you don't know. You can never be sure of what you are getting.
  • If you are going to use drugs, plan what you are going to take, if anything, beforehand, not when you are out of it.
  • If you're feeling anxious, stressed, depressed or moody, or you're just not feeling good about yourself, then taking drugs might make you feel worse.
  • Only take a small amount of the drug and wait for it to take effect before taking the rest. Each dose may have a different effect, and some might be effects you don't like or want.
  • Be aware that the lighter your body weight the more powerful the effects of the drugs may be.
  • It is dangerous to mix drugs and not just the ones you'd think. Mixing recreational and prescription drugs can be just as dangerous as mixing recreational ones.
  • Only take drugs in a safe and comfortable environment.
  • Ensure you have cold drinking-water and food.
  • Never take drugs on your own - be around friends you can trust from the time the drugs come on until they wear off.
  • Tell your friends if you are taking drugs and what they are - that way they are prepared if something goes wrong.
  • Never share needles and syringes or other preparation equipment as HIV and other viruses such as hepatitis B and C can easily be passed on.
  • Keep an eye on each other to make sure that everyone is OK.
  • Tell someone responsible where you are going.
  • Organise safe transportation, a sober driver, public transport or taxis.
  • Drugs can effect your decision-making, so be aware of what you are doing, watch out for traffic, don't climb things or muck around near water, and always carry and use condoms to protect you and your partner from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and unplanned pregnancy.
  • Keep in safe and well lit areas to avoid the possibility of getting attacked.