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Am I ready?

SEX SEX SEX – sometimes it seems like sex is everywhere! Your mates might gossip about who’s having sex with who or brag about what they got up to on the weekend… The reality is, there are heaps of young people in NZ who actually aren’t having sex or are choosing to wait.

If you’re thinking of having sex, here’s a checklist of stuff to consider first:

  • What are your reasons for wanting to have sex? If you’re wanting to have sex because you pressured or you don’t want your partner to leave you, these are not good enough reasons. No one should ever make you feel pressured.
  • How do you feel about the person you want to have sex with? It’s really important that you can talk to each other about what you both want – including feeling good, comfortable, safe, and respected. Click here for more on healthy relationships.
  • If you wanted to stop, would you know how to say so?
  • Would they stop if you felt uncomfortable?
  • Do you know how to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections?
  • Would your friends and family feel okay about your decision to have sex?


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