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Warehouse Pen Campaign

Warehouse Pen Campaign - our largest National fundraiser!

We are extremely grateful for the support of The Warehouse again this year for the Youthline Pen Fundraising Campaign starting on Wednesday 11th October and running right through until Tuesday 31st October.

During this time you will find 6 coloured pens with highlighters on the end available for you to purchase at the checkout of every Warehouse store around the country and for only $2 each.

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While this year our core message remains “buy a pen and change a life” we have an added dimension which reflects our commitment to the “#breakthesilence” campaign which you might have heard or read about recently.

Go here to find out more about the #breakthesilence campaign -

#breakthesilence aims to start a much needed national conversation about youth suicide. New Zealand’s youth suicide rate is the highest in the developed world. Last year 130 young people under the age of 24 committed suicide.

Last year we managed over 300,000 digital connections to our hubs by phone, text, chat and email. 1 in 4 texts to Youthline deal with depression, self-harm and suicide. 1 in 10 texts relate specifically to suicide. Tragically, with the increased number of young people contacting us in crisis, 40% of young people do not reach us the first time they try.

We can only help them if they can get through.

The support of purchasing a pen will help to ensure that every call to Youthline gets answered, every text responded to and every email actioned.

Our Helpline services are majority funded through community and people initiatives, and it takes a big effort to keep them going. It takes even more to bring new services through but we know that providing service in relevant mediums, like our e-therapy tools, are essential for reaching young people. 

Last year, together with the Warehouse we raised $251,983 for our Helpline Services and we're keen to do it again so get along to your nearest Warehouse store and grab a pen for $2!

Thank you for your support.