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The big OE

Making plans to on your O.E. (or Overseas Experience) can be exciting, uplifting, daunting, worrying, confusing and many more emotions! There is so much choice when it comes to travel, including working, volunteering or studying overseas. Here are just a few tips for planning your adventure…

  • Ask for advice from others. Ask them about their experience, where they went, how they organised it, how they funded it and what advice they have.
  • Talk to a travel agent. Their job is to help people organise their trips and they know all about the best routes and rates. Check out Sta Travel’s O.E. section here
  • Make a plan to start saving. Click here for more info on saving and budgeting. While borrowing can be an option, the last thing you want to be in while travelling is debt. Working overseas to pay your way is also an option, but you at least want to have your flights saved up for and a good stash of money to live off while you find a job.
  • Check your student loan. Make sure you know whether you will have to pay it and whether it will earn interest while you are gone. Click here for more info.
  • Think about your safety. Think about who you might travel with, who you know overseas that can show you around or who you can stay with, look at travel insurance options, think about which countries are safe to travel to at the moment. Check out the government’s Safe Travel website here for these details on staying safe.
  • Step out of your comfort zone, but listen to your instincts. Travel is about having brand new experiences, so definitely plan with that frame of mind. However, make sure you listen to your gut and if something feels dodgy, don’t ignore that feeling and take action.