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Getting help

If you're being bullied, you need to tell others what has been going on and build yourself a support team to help tackle this issue so that you're not facing this on your own!

If you have talked to someone and they haven’t helped, don’t give up! Try other options for help! Keep asking until you get the support you need.

When you talk to someone it means you're not alone any longer, and best of all, you can think of ways to overcome the problem together.

Here are some people who could be on your support team. Once you have a support team in place, you can take action! 


Who can help?

  • Whanau: If they aren’t sure what to do, show them this link. 

  • School: If you and the bullies are school-aged, you should let a teacher, school counsellor and dean know. They are responsible for student wellbeing and safety.

  • Workplace: If it’s happening at work, you should let your boss know – and if your boss is the bully, then contact their boss or check out this link.
  • Friends: They hang out with you so you’re not alone and stick up for you when the bullies are around.

  • Counsellor or youth worker. A counsellor can help with the impact bullying has had. They can teach you skills to stick up for yourself and build your confidence back up again.

  • Cellphone providers and administrators on websites: For steps on how to stop an online bully, click here. The important thing here is to keep the messages and pictures as evidence – don’t delete anything.

  • For more info on staying safe online and protecting your privacy (from creeps, catfish, trolls, viruses, scammers and more), check out Netsafe: