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Party checklist

Ensure you have an awesome night

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Party checklist 

A checklist to guarantee a successful night out...


Most likely you will not have to be told this one, but a great night out always begins on a full stomach. Mmmmm.


We mean Water! Lots of H2O will keep you on the go, Joe!

Start it slow

That's right. Go non-alcoholic for the first rounds; don't rush, keep it cool.

Play the field

Alternate between alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. As they say, variety is the spice of life!

Think ahead

This will save you lots of time, money and hassle. How are you going to get home? Is it safe? How much am I going to drink tonight? Can I afford it? Do I have credit on my phone? How good do I need to feel in the morning? Who can I call in an emergency? Suss these things out before you leave and you will be good to go!



Tips for a good night out

You've got a big night planned and you and your mates are ready to go! Here are some things to keep in mind while you're out partying...

Stick together

You love your mates (most of the time!) so when you're drinking, stick together and look out for each other. It's best if someone in the team isn't going to get too wrecked and they can keep an eye out for the rest.

Share a taxi

If you don't want to disturb anyone else (i.e. sleepy Mum or Dad, angry older brother...) put some cash aside for a taxi home (in ya shoe is a good safe spot where you won't spend it). If you share, you can save some cash as well.

Going it alone

This is probably not such a crash hot idea. If you have to walk home, try to walk with a friend. Don't let your friends wander off by themselves either, especially if they are less than on to it.

Watch your drinks

More frequently we are hearing about drink spiking going on in bars and clubs, so make sure you watch your drink being poured, don't accept drinks from strangers, and don't leave your drink unattended.

And remember 

Drinking alcohol is your choice, and if you don't want to drink no one can make you! (Click here to see our section on peer pressure)  If you do decide to drink, you can choose to make it a good experience or a bad one. Sometimes, less is more. Have a few, feel good, but not out of control. Listen to your body and think about your own limit - and tomorrow morning!




What to do in an emergency

If someone drinks too much or has a bad reaction while drinking or taking drugs, it is very important they receive medical help as soon as possible. Quick responses can save lives...

If you are in this situation:

  • Call an ambulance. Dial 111. Don't wait because you think you or your friend might get into trouble. Ambulance officers don’t have to involve the police.

  • Stay with the person until the ambulance arrives.

  • Ensure the person gets enough air by keeping crowds back and opening windows. Loosen tight clothing. Keep them warm- use blankets or a coat (but not too warm).

  • If the person is unconscious, don't leave them on their back - they could choke. Clear any vomit away from their mouth.

  • Turn them on their side and into the recovery position. Gently tilt their head back so their tongue does not block their airway. See our Alcohol section for the Recovery Position guidelines.

  • If breathing has stopped, give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. If there is no pulse, apply CPR.

  • Tell the ambulance officers as much information as you can - what they have been drinking, how much they have been drinking, and any pre-existing medical conditions that you know the person has.

Contact the person’s family if possible to let them know what has happened.


  • Ignore someone who is unconscious or vomiting.
  • Give someone fluids (even water) if you think they're in shock or unconscious.
  • Leave someone alone, especially if they are unconscious.

How To Tell If Someone has Alcohol Poisoning:

  • If the person is breathing less than 12 times per minute or stops breathing for periods of 10 seconds or more.
  • If the person is asleep and you are unable to wake them up.
  • Look at the person's skin. If it is cold, clammy, pale, bluish in colour.


If you have questions about drinking - your own or someone else's - please call 0800-787-797 The Alcohol Helpline - it's free.


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