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Bipolar Disorder

What is Bipolar disorder?

“Bipolar” means two poles or extremes – emotional highs and lows. Bipolar disorder can be really scary and make you feel a bit out of control. They are not the same to the hormonal mood swings young people have when going through puberty.

During a ‘high’, you may feel:

  • Agitated, uptight, or irritable

  • Uncontrollably angry

  • Like your mind is racing and won’t slow down

  • Lots of different ideas coming in really fast

  • Feeling really energized or powerful

  • Wanting to do risky things and not worrying about the risks

 During a ‘low’, you may feel:

  • Sad all day nearly every day

  • Constantly tired

  • Tearful

  • Hopeless

  • Wanting to sleep lots or having trouble sleeping

  • Withdrawn

  • Low motivation

  • Guilt

  • Shame

These lows and highs can last for longer periods or sometimes a few days or even just a few hours. They can be pretty extreme swings or less severe.

What should I do if I’m having these highs and lows?

  • Best to have a chat to your GP so that you can get some professional help. With a counsellor you can learn techniques to balance out your mood and make the swings less severe.

  • As well as talking to your GP, click here for tips for managing stress.

  • Click here for other support options.