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Peer pressure

Saying NO can be one of the biggest challenges. What’s the deal with this two letter word being so hard to say!?

Often we just want to fit in and have fun - so we go along with it. We block out that guilty feeling and the image of our parents disappointed faces and put off the consequences until later. But learning to say no is something we all have to do at some stage, kind of like learning to tie your shoelaces, ride a bike or tell the time.

Actually, “no” can be a pretty handy word, especially when it comes to dealing with peer pressure. Peer pressure can ‘spoken’ which is when someone actually tells you to do something but can also be ‘unspoken’ and harder to recognise when its happening to you.

There are heaps of situations which could involve peer pressure, especially when it comes to drinking or taking drugs.

Tips to combat peer pressure!

  • Know what your personal limits are and what you do and do not feel comfortable with.
  • Like anything, saying NO the first time is always the hardest and once you take that first step it will only get easier.
  • Listen to gut instinct. If you get a weird feeling, it’s there for a reason. While everyone forgets the next day and gets on with their own lives, you have to live with your choices.
  • For more tips on safe partying, click here.
  • If you have to, you can leave the situation as there are worse things than being called a dork or a loser, like being grounded for three months or landing up in hospital.
  • These kinds of situations can show you who your real friends are.
  • Sticking to your personal boundaries will give you a sense of self-worth, self-respect and will make you more confident in yourself. These qualities are worth far more than being the cool kid of the week!