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Info for media and students

Youthline is happy to be contacted for media comment or by anyone wanting to find out more about us and help us promote our work. Below are some useful links and information that may assist with answering some of your questions.

For more information contact 

Youthline's positional papers

As we are often contacted to speak about our position regarding a particular issue, we have prepared some papers that describe Youthline's approach on a range of issues:

Youthline's Position on Alcohol

Youthline's Position on Youth Health

Youthline's Position on Advocacy and Lobbying

Youthline's Position on Career Development

Youthline's Position on Depression

Youthline's Position on the Driving Age

Youthline's Position on Party Pills

Youthline's Position on Sexual Health and Reproduction

Youthline's Position on Sexual Orientation

Youthline's Position on Suicide

Youthline's Position on Volunteers and Volunteering


Youthline also conducts a range of research throughout the year - from this we also develop best practice papers that informs our work with young people. 


Media Releases

To read more about what Youthline has been saying in the media, click here to view our recent press releases.


Media Enquiries

To ensure our phone lines remain open to young people needing support, we ask that reporters do not contact us through this service, but direct all media enquiries to our communications team by emailing or calling (09) 361 7206.

Youthline's National Spokesperson is Stephen Bell, who can be contacted on 027 271 8151


Student Enquiries - FAQs

We get a lot of requests from students researching assignments on Youthline which is awesome - we really like to be able help out, so in order to make sure we can assist all those who contact us wanting info about our organisation, we have prepared some FAQs here to get you started. If you cannot find what you need here, please contact