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Who we help

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Youthline works with people from all walks of life, from all cultures (we even take calls and TXTs direct from the Cook Islands!) and with all sorts of things going on in their lives. This can be anything from just wanting to talk something through (big or small, via TXT, email or phone), to working face to face with a young person or even their whole family.

We also work with a really wide range of issues, fromĀ relationship stuff(boyfriends/girlfriends/friends/family/work etc), emotional stuff (feeling down, grief and losing someone close to you, going through tough times), to helping connect you with services or help in your community.

Youthline also works to make sure that those who support young people (friends, family members, teachers, sports coaches, doctors and nurses) have the tools and information they need to feel confident doing this. It can be hard to know what to say or do when someone is going through a tough time; but it's really important to check in. Knowing someone cares might be just what that person needs. That's when Youthline can be there to make sure you feel comfortable doing this.

Whether it's something little or big, Youthline is here to listen and help.

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