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Become a funding partner

Partnering with Youthline is an investment in New Zealand’s future.  

A partnership with Youthline will provide your organisation with a number of channels to demonstrate to your stakeholders, customers and staff alike that your organisation cares about the environment we live in. The young people of today will shape our tomorrow, and your organisation can make a remarkable difference by providing leadership opportunities for young people who want to develop themselves and by supporting those in need.

Whether it is through brand promotion, staff engagement or building a stronger profile within the community, a partnership with Youthline means your organisation is going to make a difference to young people in New Zealand.

The benefits of partnering with Youthline

Working in partnership with Youthline can bring lasting benefits to your company whilst helping young people and their families.

Increase Staff engagement and boost morale

Show your staff that your organisation cares about its people by making a commitment to supporting young people. Your people can feel proud that through their employment, they are contributing to building better futures. We can provide:

  • Breakfast or lunchtime speaking engagements covering useful and practical tips for supporting young people in your business, community or families
  • Opportunities to work together and fundraise for Youthline
  • Volunteering opportunities for your staff
  • Payroll or matched giving activities
  • Internal competitions
  • Partnering with Youthline for an event 
  • Employment Assistant Programme (EAP) for your organisation

Promotion: increase your sales  - raise your profile and brand awareness

By using effective PR and marketing, your brand can be associated with one of New Zealand's most recognised charities. Youthline has an over 85% unprompted awareness rate with young people as being a service that is there to support them.

Research has proven that a brand’s association with a charity positively affects consumer perception and can increase sales. Align your brand or build a joint marketing approach with Youthline to support the wellbeing of young people in New Zealand by promoting healthy, positive messages on your products.

Youth market: access and/or reflect on youth

  • We offer direct access to young people and the ability to promote your services or products
  • Test your latest development with young people

Some of the ways in which we can acknowledge your organisation:

  • A national press release promoting our partnership
  • Design of two logos, one for use by your organisation and one for Youthline
  • Priority placement of logo on all marketing materials nationwide, i.e. banners, brochures
  • Naming rights on major Youthline events
  • Partnership promotion through a prominent banner on the Youthline website and links to your website and social media
  • Your logo on Youthline event T-shirts
  • Advertising space on our nationwide community newsletter
  • Recognition plaque in the Youthline Centre reception areas
  • Merchandising opportunities
  • Prominent logo on the cover of Youthline annual report which goes out to 300+ stakeholders each year
  • Opportunities for conjoint media articles or campaigns
  • Potential product endorsement by Youthline of your organisation’s goods and services
  • Opportunities for staff to attend Youthline Leadership courses
  • Opportunities for staff to volunteer at Youthline events
  • Promotion within schools

If you’re interested in learning how you can get your company involved with us, please contact us on