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Beat Exam Stress

Learn how to deal with exam stress!

There is no denying that exams are a stressful time. Often the anxiety about the exam is scarier than the exam itself. Learn how to beat exam stress and plan your study .

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Beat Exam Stress

What is exam stress and what are signs that you are stressed?

Exam stress is a very common feeling of pressure among young people coming up to exam time. Some symptoms of exam stress include: losing touch with friends and the activities you enjoy, sleeping poorly, difficulty getting motivated to start studying, feeling confused or having your mind going blank during the tests. But remember exam stress is a natural response to pressure and sometimes a small amount of pressure can be useful to keep you motivated during exam time.

We all have different ways of learning

Here some ideas:

  • Make concise notes in your own words
  • Create rhymes, songs or acronyms
  • Draw diagrams or pictures
  • Make flash cards and key points
  • Use different coloured pens or paper as memory keys
  • Have a go at answering last years exam questions
  • Study with a friend or group
  • Test how much you have remembered. See if you can write or rehearse a list of key point. Revise the ones that are missing.

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Exam Stress Workshop: tips and tricks to help you dealing with it!

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