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Barista Training

Learn how to become a barista!

Learn what goes into a great cup of coffee, from the beans to the roastery, to the cup. Explore the coffee making process and learn how to use an espresso machine.

Free workshops for 16-17 years old applicants.

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Barista courses

Hands on experience to make a perfect cup of coffee

Learn about the role of a barista and have a go at making a great cup of coffee. This short barista course explores the coffee making process and includes some hands on experience using an espresso machine. The training takes place in a professional cafe and includes a brief introduction to Youthline and some of the opportunities available including other courses, volunteer roles, training and mentoring. 

Get an edge in the job market

Participants will receive a Beginners Barista Certificate. Adding relevant certificate to your resume can really help you stand out and set you apart from other candidates who may not have the certifications, or who may need a bit of additional training once hired.

Driver Licence training

Barista courses at Youthline!

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Free barista courses for 16-17 years old applicants.

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