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Youth Advisory Groups

Be part of the solution!

What is a Youth Advisory Group?
A Youth Advisory Group (YAG) is a group of young people who provide input or undertake tasks for organisations, services, or projects related to youth. It is about giving you an opportunity to participate meaningfully in things that affect you and helping organisations and services to get it right when working with youth.

You don’t need any special experience or skills to join a YAG, just an interest in having your say and supporting your community. The YAG is facilitated by Youthline youth workers who will support the group to develop the right skills to complete projects.

What do they do?
A YAG works on range of stuff like:

  • Creating youth friendly health information or promotional material
  • Creating community murals or art pieces
  • Commenting on youth issues through poetry, film or online media
  • Developing website content
  • Involvement in youth research projects
  • Advising on service design
  • Advising on ways to connect with youth
  • Organising performances or events

The deets....

  • YAGs are free to join
  • Open to 13-24 year olds
  • Takes about 4 hours a month
  • Looks awesome on your CV
  • Gives you a chance to influence what happens in your community
  • Develops leadership and project management skills
  • An opportunity to meet new people

Contact Youthline on 09 3766645 to find out the nearest YAG to you. If your organisation or service needs YAG input or has a project that a YAG could help with ph 09 376 6645.