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Going through some tough stuff? Feel like your "off" days are becoming more frequent? Maybe you've got a lot on at school and you're feeling anxious and stressed out? 

Ever thought about counselling? That can sound like a big deal - but it doesn't have to be. GoMobile is all about choiceflexibility and confidentiality. It's a ten week text counselling programme designed specifically for young people with mild to moderate anxiety and/or depression. 

Who should sign up?

  • Maybe you don't feel like your problems are "big enough" for counselling? (Guess what? 1 in 2 young people in NZ feel exactly the same way!) This programme might be a great way to find out if counselling is a good fit for you.
  • Have a hard time getting regular transport to face-to-face counselling sessions? Have a mobile phone? Sorted. (Did we mention this service is completely free? You don't pay for any of the texts you send or receive). 
  • Do you live in a rural area where there is limited access to services? (Hey - you might also be interested in our GoLive service - check it out!).
  • Looking for some useful skills to work through your thoughts and feelings? 

We had some really awesome young people test out GoMobile for us - and it worked super well! Every single person who participated saw a reduction in anxiety and depression. 

Give it a go yourself, or recommend it to a mate who might be going through a hard time. The programme is entirely voluntary, and you can withdraw at any time

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