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What is it?

Everyone has difficult experiences or feelings at some point in their lives, and it isn't always easy or useful to try to deal with them alone. Seeing someone face to face who can work with you in a confidential and safe environment can help you to better understand yourself, discover your strengths, make decisions, deal with difficult life events both present and past, cope with difficult feelings, improve your relationships and improve self-esteem.

Who is it for?

Any young people 12 -26 years living in New Zealand who would like to access counselling but may have barriers to meeting face to face.

How does it work?

Online video counselling is a real time conversation that happens with two people in separate locations - access to a computer (or mobile device with a camera and microphone), the Internet and a webcam at each end are required to make it work. 

Why online? 

Not everyone can access regular face-to-face counselling due to location, transport, health or other reasons. We hope by offering this service we can help reduce barriers to accessing quality help.

How do I sign up?

We are currently recruiting young people to sign up to a pilot to test out our new service. If you are interested please call us on 09 361 4168 or e-mail us.

We will ask for you some basic details including your name, age, contact details and things you would like to talk about.

Will it cost anything?

There is no cost for taking part in the pilot.